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Miya Elektrik elektronik Kirtasiye

Need you help. On the december, and January we was maiking a lof of e-mails to all companies in the system. And one of them contacted us, said got e-mail in this system.
Name of company - Miya Elektrik elektronik Kirtasiye, contact person Tatyana, e-mail one more e-mail , skype tatyana.simakova3

She gaves for us trucks for delivery loads. Unfortunatly, she sold our loads more expensive, than takes from us, got money from us, because we was making prepayment on the loading, 50% of the sum, and didin’t  paid to other parties from which he took trucks. I thnink so they registered by other name. Be careful of them. If she will contact you please let me know about it.

If  you know something about this person, please contact me.



Re: Miya Elektrik elektronik Kirtasiye

hello Gediminas ,

Your this message helped us, thank you.. Which was the other parties ? 


Re: Miya Elektrik elektronik Kirtasiye

Today colled one more company from Belarus, where Miya Elektrik elektronik Kirtasiye offering low prices for deliveries.

PLEASE DON'T GIVE LOADS TO THEM. THEY OFFERING SMALL PRICES, ASK 50 procent payment and dissapear, or don't pays to other parts.


Re: Miya Elektrik elektronik Kirtasiye

Hello Everybody.

That company came back.Now they have other name of company. Earlier was Mia Elektrik, now some other name.

Now they offering other loads(Added photo) . Please don't take loads from here. You will not get your money. Adding photo.

Here skype name - dilara_kirim
named in the skype D.T



Re: Miya Elektrik elektronik Kirtasiye

Hello Gediminas, 

She already contacted me , she has red this forum .. Talked me as aggrieved by yourside :) But I understood that she is liar..She defended to Miya :)


Re: Miya Elektrik elektronik Kirtasiye

She is liar, and she is psihopat :) she lives in she's world.

If you don't wanna losse money, please share this message with your friends. I cannot understand how she works in Turkey, how police didin't catch here for this things like stealing money?


Re: Miya Elektrik elektronik Kirtasiye

Colleagues, be carefull. A lot of companies contacting me, that she is taking their money.

Коллеги, будте осторожни, много компаний связалос со мной, и просит помоши, потому что они обманивает всех.




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